Help Getting Online DOS game running

First Check these requirements!

How to get you computer setup to games on Play DOS Games Online.
Computer Requirements:
Desktop PC/Notebook or MAC
Probably no older than 5 years to get the best game play

Web Browser Requirements (Latest Versions):
Firefox  (Windows & Linux) *Best results with Firefox (PC)
or Safari (MAC)
NOTE: Chrome NO longer supports Java Applets

Java Requirements:
Java Standard  (Always have latest version installed) Java Download

Java Setup (make these changes at your own risk)

For the Latest Version of JAVA: Version 8 Update 25

(previous versions Java 7 at bottom of page)

When you go to a game on Play DOS Games Online there will be a few steps you need to take to get Java loading due to tight Internet security defaults in your browser and Java itself.

Any prompts that come up asking to RUN or Allow  always except them and if it gives the option to remember the setting this will make playing games quicker when you return to the site.

To change security settings in Windows all versions

Click Start-All programs ->Java -> Configure Java


The Java control panel will load up

Click the Security TAB

NEWEST Versions of Java:

Add these sites to exceptions list:

Done! Return to the browser and allow and run any prompts presented. have fun with the games!


Note: for OLDER versions of JAVA 7 only:

Just lower the security to Medium:

and lower the secuirty to Medium then click OK

Return to the browser and allow and run any prompts presented.